5 Reasons to get a facial

There is nothing better than getting a facial! Although your skincare routine is the most important factor in your skincare journey - getting a facial can be an experience where you indulge your senses!

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should get a facial!

Reason #1: the atmosphere is so relaxing!

Many facial spas provide a candle-lit atmosphere to relax you with meditative music. Life is so busy so it can be great to get whisked away into a relaxing, calming environment where it is all about you!

Reason #2: Facial includes a Signature Face lift Massage

This is a facial massage for lymphatic drainage using Gua Sha tools, cryotherapy (cooling) tools and hands. Massage and relaxation addresses skin health from the inside and out.

Reason #3: it should be a judgment free zone

A good facialist should make you feel comfortable, calm and free from judgement. I find that there are some facialists who try to make you insecure (so they can sell you products) but you should steer clear of them!

Whether you have acne or sun damage - a facialist should not judge you. We are all human. 

Reason #4: you will fall in love with your skin

When you get regularly peels and microdermabrasion from your facial spa. You will fall in love with your skin and enjoy your glowing, bright complexion.

Reason #5: It is beneficial for your mental and spiritual health

They say beauty comes from within and this is very true! So many women and men work so hard and juggle family life with business life and more so it is important to relax and focus on you for an hour and you will be all the better for it. 

Go and treat yourself with a facial!

Love The Patara Skin Team X

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