Why you do not need two moisturisers!

 Many skincare fans have a day cream and a night cream believing that are very different. The truth is that you only NEED one moisturiser in order to achieve the best results.

Having two separate moisturisers is absolutely not needed to keep your skin youthful and healthy. You can have two moisturisers if you enjoy using them - but don't do it with the purpose to maximise your skincare results.

The key difference in day moisturiser and a night moisturiser is that: day moisturisers generally have SPF in them to protect you from the sun!  Many night moisturisers are very similar to day moisturisers, minus the SPF. Moreover, some night creams are more greasy than day creams depending on the formulation. 

The truth is that a day moisturiser is not sufficient sun protection. We truly believe that you should treat sunscreen as a separate product that is layered on top of your moisturiser. 

I have had clients try to convince me that they wear SPF daily via their moisturiser, however, that is not good enough! If you are investing money and time into your skin than do it right.

Always be skeptical when buying skincare products! Many brands selling several different moisturisers for different times of the day are just taking up the opportunity to sell your more products.

Our Micro-sculpting Moisturiser is designed to be used in the morning and at night. It is a triple-threat because it moisturises, protects and treats the skin.

It moisturises your skin with Rosehip, Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond and Evening primrose oils, as well as shea butter. It protects your skin with Vitamins C, E and Marine Collagen while it treats the skin with Vitamin A.

 Thank you so much for reading our channel.

Love the Patara Skin Team x

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