Golden Rules for Anti-ageing

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tips that are on the Internet for anti-ageing. We have put togethor a few very important tips that will help you look and feel your best over time. 

#1: Sunscreen is your best anti-ageing armour

If you read our skincare journal, you should know that around 90% of skin ageing is from the sun's UV rays which are the main source of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, the degradation of skin texture, and many other signs of skin ageing.

Wear sunscreen even when you think you don't need it - ducking out to the shops in a tinted car, sitting in the office, or going for a walk on an overcast day.

Many people think of sunscreen as something that solely stop sunburn, however, we implore you to treat sunscreen like you would an anti-ageing serum and reapply it throughout the day everyday - rain, hail or shine.

We don't sell sunscreen but there are so many options out there for you so there is no excuse.

#2 Eat a colourful diet rich in antioxidants

A colourful diet rich in antioxidantscan do wonders for your skin! Vitamins (A, C, D and E), essential omega-3-fatty acids (think salmon), some proteins and lactobacilli (think kombucha) have been reported to enhance skin health and beauty. 

Think fruit juices, vegetable-based curries, a simple roast, stirfries, colourful salads to keep your diet super colourful and fun! By no means does a colourful healthy diet have to be boring.

This is the hardest part - reduce the consumption of refined sugars and packaged sweets because these can accelerate the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) in your body. In general, basically fried foods and highly processed products also contain high levels of AGES so you need to limit your intake of these. This seems way harder for most people than sticking to a great skincare routine. After all, skincare is fun!


#3 Make Vitamin A (retinol) your go-to night serum

Besides sunscreen, vitamin A has the most research supporting it for its abilities to slow down the biological ageing process in the skin. 

For those looking for a retinol product that minimises irritation then try our gentle Vitamin A Ageless Jelly. This jelly keeps your skin hydrated and plump while the product lacks the irksome side effects usually experienced by retinoids.

#4 Make Vitamin C your go-to morning serum

Vitamin C is critical for reducing the free radical damage from the sun! 

It is important to choose a trustworthy manufacturer when buying Vitamin C because Vitamin C is notoriously unstable thus it is difficult to design a serum that optimises the delivery of it to the skin. 

Any concentration above 20% does not increase the biological significance of Vitamin C so we designed our Vitamin C 20% serum to be the maximum concentration that can be used on human skin.  

Many of our customers ask: why do we need to use Vitamin C Serum even though we eat it? 

Although we can consume Vitamin C in our diet, it is difficult for Vitamin C to reach our skin. It is difficult for the outer layers of the epidermis to receive nutrition we have consumed. This difficulty in reaching the outer layers of the skin is compounded by the fact that there is minimal movement of extracellular fluid thus it is hard for Vitamin C to make it to the skin.

#5 Reduce stress and sleep 8 hours a night

This is probably the hardest even though it sounds super easy!

Do something that helps relax you such as walking, meditation, reading to wind down after a big busy day and make sure you have a healthy sleep schedule where you don't skim on sleep! It'll wreck havoc on your skin and accelerate the ageing process if you don't sleep enough.  

Thank you so much for reading about our post on some hot tips for you to slow down the ageing process!

Love The Patara Skin Team X

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