Should we stop using fragrance in our skincare routine?

One of the biggest controversial topics in skincare at the moment is: should we stop using fragrance in our skincare routine?

By definition, fragrance is a combination of chemicals that create a beautiful scent, hide another scent, or make the scent of the product seem 'neutral'.In fact, sometimes fragrance is added to make it seem like the cosmetic doesn't have a smell at all.

By the way, just to make sure everyone is on board, this post is about the fragrance in cosmetic products, such as eye cream or moisturiser - not perfume itself! 

In reality, when a fragrance is not added to a product - products don't smell neutral - they have a funny unique smell. We know because three-out-of-four of our products are fragrance-free!


It may be unconscious, but fragrance is one of the first things you notice about a beauty product. 

When you buy a beauty product, the first thing you do, without thinking sometimes, is smell the product you use. When doing facials,  we know that my customers fall in love with fragrance. The first question they ask is "what is this product?" and the second question they ask is "what is that smell." That second questions says a lot about how important fragrance is to consumers.

The scent helps you connect with the product, remember the product and covers up the 'actual' smell of the product. 

When you do not have fragrance in a skincare product - the base formula - it smells like crayons or plastic! Honestly, it does! At the moment, three out of four of our skincare products do not have fragrance which are: Vitamin A Ageless Jelly and the Eternal Supercharged Eye Cream and the Vitamin C 20% Serum

And let us be honest! These products do not smell like roses! Some customers like that these are fragrance-free and some would prefer fragrance! On the other hand, our fragranced product, the Micro-sculpting Moisturiser,  has a more healing experience where the lavender Oil gives you a sense of tranquility.


The answer to this question is contact dermatitis! 

Contact dermatitis is a diagnosis where the body's immune system has developed a hypersensitivity to an allergen. 

Allergy to fragrance is a common cause contact dermatitis in cosmetics. 

Nickel is the most frequent cause of contact allergy, however, it does not get the same attention that fragrances in cosmetics get! That is the ironic thing about fragrance fear mongering - no one is freaking out about nickel! 

In Australia, people should be way more scared of skin cancer than fragrance - you are much more likely to get a skin cancer cut out than develop contact dermatitis from a fragrance in a cosmetic. 

By the way, natural fragrance is not necessarily less sensitising than synthetic fragrance - so it's not that simple. Some brands will tell you that all-natural products are less sensitising but that is not true!


Regardless of whether you like fragrance or not or couldn't care either way - we think it is important for brands to be transparent about what particular fragrances they use in their products. Instead of just saying contains 'fragrance', we believe that brands should specify what fragrances are present in the product so consumers with allergies or hesitation can steer clear from certain products.


We look forward to feedback on our products - we would love to hear from you on whether you prefer fragrance or not - and what fragrances you love if you enjoy using fragranced products.

Remember to stay safe - if you ever do get a weird rash - it is good to see a dermatologist and get their opinion. 

Thank you so much for reading about fragrance and our viewpoint.  

Love the Patara Skin Team x


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